UNMASKED follows three stories tracing the complex relationship between our face and the world. Your face may be a weapon or a prophetic tool of self-expression. The face we show the world is constantly shifting.

UNMASKED explores the potential of masks to let us enter entirely new territories. Can the face we show the world be powerful enough to break barriers and build bridges? Running from May to August 2022. UNMASKED is a three-part experience guiding you through the thoughts of leading artists and scholars using ancient and contemporary artefacts to help us answer the vital question: What does it mean to have a face in 2022 and beyond?

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This project was created by The Cultural Index. We craft learning infused experiences for brands & institutions that have something real to say. Conceived to explore alternative modes of learning, the small team experiments with new ways to transfer knowledge and stimulate ideas in an inclusive, non-academic context. Discover more at

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  2. Featuring works & thoughts of – Sondi, Bogomir Doringer, CROSSLUCID, Frederic Baas, Curator "Post-Human" Design Museum den Bosch, Francesco D’Abbraccio (AKA Lorem), Minne Atairu, Mirjam Mengershausen, Oliver Hunter Phorille (AKA Scumboy), Patricia de Vries, Polina Zinziver, Sterling Crispin, Mexican Festival Mask from Stichting Nationaal Museum van Wereldculturen. TM-5730-6, Zach Blas thanks to the Design Museum Den Bosch Collection.

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    Grace Houghton
    Olivia Ellice-Flint
    Sukie Rigby
    @ The Cultural Index

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    Post Neon

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    Pim Boreel

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    Melanie Hymans

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    Kees de Boekhouder
    Halal Studios

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Take a breath in

Three stories exploring the supernatural power of the face in a technocentric world.

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Three stories uncovering advancements in technology that have exposed the face as one of our most valuable assets.